Chiropractic Adjustmentand Manual Therapy

Maintenance of the vital neural pathway from brain to the entire body.

Our bodies are miraculous and autonomous. They possess an innate intelligence that is self- monitored, self-regulated, and self-healing. The brain and spinal cord are the central nervous system that control and regulate every single cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies. Chiropractic adjustment and manual therapy focus on repairing, restoring, and maintaining the integrity of the spinal structure and vital neural pathway. Chiropractic adjustment is low force, applied specifically to the spinal level or joint, while manual therapy applies to the soft tissue including muscle, myofascial, tendons, and ligament of the affected area.

​Chiropractic Adjustmentand Manual Therapy


The essential ingredient that our bodies need to maintain optimal healthy body.

Good health is more than merely the absence of disease, it means being able to fully engage in all the varied aspects of our lives. Proper nutrition is a critical component of good health. Our diet helps us reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce our risk of chronic disease (like heart disease and cancer), and promotes our overall health. We achieve optimal health through the knowledge of dietary principles and application of tools to make necessary diet modifications.

Too often in our society, busy schedules and bad habits lead us to overeat and yet we remain undernourished due to our food choices. Much of the illness we encounter today is due to an unhealthy immune system. Over the last few years, science has learned that a healthy immune system begins with intestinal (or “gut”) health. Antibiotics, which are widely over-used, ruin healthy gut function by destroying the delicate balance of a healthy gut. Proper nutrition will restore that balance and put us on the road to a healthy immune system.

Nutritional services provided include; Individualized Nutritional Counseling, Preventive Nutrition Plans, Disease Management, Individualized Weight Management, and Supplement Analysis.


Homeopathic Remedies

Regeneration is defined as the natural renewal of a cell, tissue, or organ.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany over 200 years ago, was the founder of homeopathic therapy. Homeopathic principle is based on the electromagnetic properties in the molecules, cells, tissues and organs of human body. Furthermore, the organ system has a specific electromagnetic fingerprint. Homeopathic remedies is a form of energy medicine. Each remedy is created by using the pharmaceutical substance, diluted to 100x-1000x, and then violently shake to reach a specific electromagnetic frequency or fingerprint.

When the electromagnetic network in a particular organ is out of balanced, deficit, or altered due to disease or illness, the homeopathic remedies is used to effect the electromagnetic, to challenge the defense and repair system to respond, without the side-effects of the pharmacological interventions.

Homeopathic Remedies

Fascial Movement Taping

Expertly placed sport tape can restore mobility, aid healing, and reduce pain.

FMT is used in acute, subacute, and chronic stages of injury, as well as throughout the active stage of rehabilitation.  FMT taping supports and stabilizes injured joints and can decrease pain and inflammation while reducing swelling by increasing lymphatic drainage. This helps to restore and enhance movement which develops normal movement patterns in the brain (replacing abnormal patterns) and corrects poor posture that was developed over time from chronic conditions.

Fascial Movement Taping

Spinal Subluxation Treatment

Restoring vital nerve impulses to organs, tissues and cells.

Subluxation is defined as partial misalignment or fixation of the vertebrae. Even the slightest misalignment can produce tension and pressure, and irritate the nerves, causing improper communication of vital nerve impulses to the organs, cells, and tissues of the body.


  • Normal everyday activity such as bending, twisting, lifting, repetitive motion, and prolonged sitting or standing.
  • A sedentary life style
  • The unavoidable downward pull of gravity on the upright body posture and bad positional habits which over time can lead to poor posture.
  • In children, the most common cause is child birth process, especially if forceps have been used in the delivery.
    Slips and falls
  • Automobile accidents. Even low speed collisions can result in partial tears of soft tissues including annular fibers, ligaments, and avascular cartilage, which lead to chronic pain, slow healing and altering spinal structure and its integrity.
  • Mental and emotion stress
  • Chemical stress and imbalance due to improper diet, smoking, excessive drinking, and over medication
Spinal Subluxation Treatment

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